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St. Lucia Observes Financial Literacy Month

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Contact: Julita Peter

Tuesday, September 23, 2003 - In an effort to increase understanding and initiate ongoing public discussion on financial and economic matters throughout the region, member governments have designated October as financial literacy month. Spearheading this initiative is the Eastern Caribbean Central Bank - the ECCB.

This year the theme selected is “Building Strong Economies in the Eastern Caribbean Central Unit (ECCU), depends on you and me.” The event is intended not only to call attention to the need for individuals, firms and governments to participate in the process of financial accountability, but also to clarify responsibilities and identify the benefits of ensuring a stable financial environment.

St. Lucia’s Ministry of Finance, International Financial Services and Economic Affairs is among other financial institutions in the region that have been invited to participate in some of the activities.

Co-ordinator of the ministry’s activities Jean Mathurin says, “The Ministry of Finance will actually be involved in a panel discussion on the 2nd of October, where a presentation will be made on the importance of financial prudence at the individual and governmental levels in ensuring financial stability and economic growth. We intend to open the telephone lines to facilitate some level of interaction from the public.”

The Ministry of Finance will also be involved in two other activities on October 8th and 9th that include a series of radio programmes hosted by ministry officials dealing with the role of the individual in ensuring financial stability, and the importance of budgeting from the individual and national perspective.

Other areas of focus during ECCB’s Financial Literacy Month include the importance of enterprise and export development, and the advantages of regional integration. The ECCB believes that the successful implementation of the Financial Literacy Month project will require inputs from government ministries, public and private sector companies, the region’s financial institutions as well as the media.

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