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St. Lucia Blind Welfare Association launches Braille calendar

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Contact: Claudia Monlouis

Friday, November 28, 2003 - The St. Lucia Blind Welfare Association is looking forward to a more prosperous 2004, with the launch of its Braille Lottery Calendar fund raising venture.

Production of the Braille Lottery Calendar for 2004 got off to a successful start, with support from the corporate community. AT&T, committed $20,000.00 to the project and Right Angle Imaging are the designers of the calendar. According to Avril the calendar will be in regular print but will also introduce Braille to the public.

“We know that most people would have heard of Braille but most likely have not seen it. The calendar will be in print and it will be accessible to everyone. However, there would be a Braille strip where we will have the name of the calendar and other information which will be in Braille, so that people can see what Braille is like,” Avril said. “In fact we have been wrestling with the idea for about two years. We tried to undertake the project in 2001 and we couldn’t, because we just could not find the resources to do so.”

According to Avril, 5,000 calendars will be printed for Association’s first attempt at this project.

Avril says, the initiative is unique in the sense that persons who purchase the calendars will themselves be rewarded with twelve chances to win attractive prizes, throughout the New Year.

The calendar will feature blind St. Lucians, information such as prevention of blindness, and information on services available to the visually impaired.

Lottery coupons giving persons an opportunity to win prizes on a monthly basis will also be available. Five thousand calendars will be produced by the middle of December and it is hoped that the production of calendars will become an annual activity for the SLBWA.

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