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Senior Public Officers Attend Policy Analysis and Research Workshop

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Contact: Claudia Monlouis

Tuesday, December 16, 2003 - As the Public Sector Reform process continues, a three day workshop for administrators within the Public Service, began on Monday, December 15, 2003. According to Mark Louis, Director of Public Sector Reform and lead facilitator of the workshop, the focus of the workshop is on Policy Research, Design and Analysis.

Louis supported the need for administrators within the Public Service to understand the implications of interpreting and applying policy. He stressed that as administrators this is absolutely important and in recognising this, the workshop will seek to shed light on existing grey areas.

“This workshop is meant to address three fundamental problems. One of them is the weakness of Policy Analysis, Research and Design which we are seeing in the Government Service. It is also meant to strengthen the capacity to engage in a much more rigorous policy analysis and to develop a much more rigorous policy framework and generally to improve the entire public policy environment of the Government Service,” Louis said.

Louis noted that one of the issues raised by administrators attending the workshop had to do with policy conflict. They discussed the consistency of policy, policy interpretation and the fact that in some cases policy can be relevant for a particular time but needs periodic revision to ensure that it is meeting its objective.

The participants comprised heads of departments, deputy permanent secretaries and persons involved in policy research. Mark Louis remarked that on conclusion of the workshop, senior public officers should be much more aware of the policy environment that they work in and better equipped to carry their responsibilities.


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