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SALCC Launches Centre of Excellence for Teacher Training

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Contact: Julita Peter

Thursday, December 04, 2003 – St. Lucia is one of several countries in the Caribbean that stands to benefit tremendously, from the Centre of Excellence for Teacher Training, (CETT). The Sir Arthur Lewis Community College (SALCC) was selected to participate in the project which is intended to support the training of primary school teachers and to strengthen their ability to teach children to read.

The Sir Arthur Lewis Community College Centre of Excellence for Teacher Training will be launched here on Sunday December 07. It is an initiative of President George Bush, and was introduced by the president at the 2001 Summit of the Americas, as part of the “No Child Left Behind Program”, funded by the United States Agency for International Development, USAID.

Marietta Edward, who is a reading specialist with the centre, says, “Our main goal for St. Lucia is very ambitious. It is for one hundred percent of students in participating schools to read at or above grade level when they complete third grade, within two to three years of implementing the project.”

Edwards says, teachers involved in the project have already started working with much enthusiasm. However, the involvement of parents and the private sector is vital for the success of the project. Over one hundred and sixty persons are expected to attend Sunday’s launch which begins at 2:00 p.m. at the new college extension. A representative of USAID will represent the president of the United States of America.

Schools participating in the project are the Banse-la-Grace Combined, Blanchard Combined, Grande Riviere Combined, Marchand Combined, Methodist Memorial and Roseau Combined.

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