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Saint Lucians in Toronto called to assist in developing Saint Lucia

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Contact: Rose Marie Harris

Tuesday, April 01, 2003 – Saint Lucians resident in Toronto Canada are being called upon to assist in the development of Saint Lucia. Addressing a Saint Lucian gathering, in observance of Saint Lucia’s 24th Anniversary of Independence, Governor General Dame Pearlette Louisy urged the gathering in their own spheres of endeavour to engage in some intelligence gathering and analysis on behalf of Saint Lucians back home. According to Dame Pearelette, “Not the cloak and dagger stuff or the James Bond stuff of international espionage, but the sourcing of information on areas like educational opportunities and institutions for example, or sharing information generated in Canada in the area of entrepreneurial development.”

The Governor General explained “We do have commendable profile of achievements to our credit. During the past year, we have been particularly proud of the National Television Network and the strides it has made in public service broadcasting; of the National Skills Development Centre and its provision of training and skills development opportunities, of the establishment of the Cultural Development Foundation; of the Programme for the Regularisation of Unplanned Developments which has resulted in the transfer of land title to long-established illegal occupants of Public Lands and of the improvements that the Poverty Reduction Fund is making in the quality of life of many of our rural communities.”

The Governor General said what Saint Lucia is not proud of is the escalation in the crime rate, and the increase in the incidence of child abuse, neglect and abandonment. Dame Pearlette indicated that to reduce the level of crime, the National Crime Commission was launched last month to form civic partnerships with the police who have had some success in particularly difficult areas with their community policing programmes. It is hoped that the Commission’s theme “Crime is everybody’s business” strikes that kind of chord in the consciousness of every peace-loving Saint Lucian to motivate them to become personally engaged in the building of a safer nation for all through cooperation and affection for one another.

Dame Pearlette lamented that she was not sure where “we” went wrong, “but our children, the future of our country, feel that they are not sufficiently loved or adequately cared for by the adults in society. This was revealed during the course of a Children’s Forum that was convened in preparation for the Special Session on Children held at the United Nations General Assembly in May last year. In fact, our records show that the incidence of physical and sexual abuse, neglect and abandonment of children at home in Saint Lucia has increased four hundred percent during the past five years.”

This has been attributed to the migration of mothers, the loss of the support of the extended family, early adolescent pregnancy and unemployment. When one adds this to the alarming rate of HIV/AIDS infection among children (14% of the cases recorded in Saint Lucia last year were children under the age of 20) we know that we are courting disaster. Following upon the launch of the national chapter of the Global Movement for Children, the year 2003 has been declared by the government of Saint Lucia as The Year of the Child. We hope to make a significant impact on this sensitive issue,” the Governor General ended.

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