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Saint Lucia norminated to head United Nations General Assembly

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Contact: Rose Marie Harris

Monday, February 17, 2003 - For the first time ever, a small developing Caribbean nation has been norminated to hold the mantle of leadership of the United Nations General Assembly. On making the announcement that Saint Lucia has been nominated to head the UN Assembly, Prime Minister Honourable Dr. Kenny Anthony said this is an honour not only for Saint Lucia but for the entire Caribbean.

“The nomination of Saint Lucia to the post of President of the General Assembly has been supported by the entire Latin American group as well as the Caricom Group and this election has been made possible on an agreed procedure and formula established several years ago. It is an important honour for Caricom only because this is the very first time that a very small state, a micro state like ours will have the honour of chairing the Presidency. Obviously this will entail some costs and the government has had to ensure that it minimises those costs,” said Anthony.

Dr. Anthony said that he is of the firm belief that the decision to nominate Saint Lucia to the Presidency is a CARICOM effort and has called on other governments of the region to provide support services to the government of Saint Lucia in the execution of this new responsibility. “We think this is the way to go for a number of reasons because it is not often that Caricom countries have the opportunity to manage the processes and procedures of the General Assembly and it is an opportunity that other persons in the public service of the region can acquire knowledge and skills. This proposal was warmly received by the Heads of Government and I expect shortly to be writing to them to request them to nominate the person who will be working with the government of Saint Lucia,” Prime Minister Anthony ended.

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