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Proud Moment for Saint Lucia "Smallest country to hold Presidency of UN General Assembly"

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Julian Hunte

President of the United Nations General Assembly, Saint Lucia's Minister for External Affairs Sen. Hon. Julian Hunte

Thursday, June 26, 2003 – Saint Lucia has been catapulted on to the world stage at a critical time in international relations. This was how newly elected President of the United Nations General Assembly Saint Lucia’s External Affairs Minister Senator the Honourable Julian Hunte described his election to the prestigious post.

Minister Hunte who met with the local media Thursday June 26, 2003, outlined the many areas in which Saint Lucia stands to benefit. “The Saint Lucia Presidency raises the profile of Saint Lucia within the United Nations system and in international affairs generally. It will also raise the profile of the Caricom region. Saint Lucia’s presidency confirms that, no matter what challenges the United Nations face, for the most part it sticks to its principles of equality of nations large and small – we are the smallest country to hold the presidency.”

Hunte addresses UN General AssemblyAccording to the new president, “my election as a representative of a small island developing state should bring Small Island Developing States (SIDS) and other small states issues into clearer focus at the United Nations.”

Saint Lucia will also be at the centre of efforts to resolve many of the challenging problems facing the United Nations, having full knowledge and understanding of the United Nations system. Minister Hunte has pledged to work towards bringing balance back to the Assembly’s agenda and to put development at the centre, while keeping the necessary focus on matters of international peace and security. Further interaction with member states of the United Nations will enhance Saint Lucia’s knowledge of the foreign and other policies of those states, which would assist with the management of the United Nations.

Finally, the presidency will give Saint Lucia the opportunity together with Caricom to further an important model of cooperation among states in the management of high level office in the United Nations and other international organisations.

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