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Progress being made on finalizing labour code

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Contact: Claudia Monlouis

Friday, April 11, 2003 - Despite several delays to facilitate the concerns of employers, the new draft Labour Code of Saint Lucia is finally ready to advance from its draft stage to its final leg, before presentation to the House of Parliament. This latest update was announced by the Honourable Velon John, Minister for Labour, during his contribution to the budget debate on Thursday.

According to the Minister, employers have now submitted their final list of concerns to the Labour Code Task Force. “Although it is over three years, since the process began, the labour code project continues to be on the front burner of the Ministry’s strategic priority. And, despite the delays occasioned by the employers, this long anticipated document will very shortly make its epoch appearance on the industrial relations landscape of this country,” said John.

At this point, says Minister John, the Department of Labour has undertaken a page by page review of the Draft Labour Code and the document will soon be passed on to the Attorney General’s Chambers for final drafting. John “It is hoped by June this year; the Labour Code of Saint Lucia will be presented to this honourable house for its unqualified acceptance and expeditious passage.”

Dialogue on the new Labour Code incorporates views of representatives from the Employers Federation, trade unions and government officials.

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