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Press Launch of 25th Independence Anniversary Observance

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Contact: Virnet St. Omer-Fontenelle

Thursday, November 27, 2003 – The Standing National Independence Anniversary Committee (SNIAC), launched the programme of activities to mark the 25th anniversary celebrations of St. Lucia’s independence on Wednesday November 26, 2003, at the Office of the Prime Minister.

The launching featured the presentation of the calendar of main national events spanning a year, the 25th anniversary of Independence website, the logo and the jingle. The website was constructed by Webmaster and Network Administrator in the Prime Minister’s Office, Richmond Felix.

The logo which depicts a combination of men, women and children against the backdrop of the map of St. Lucia imprinted on the flag was designed by committee member, Giovanni St. Omer, and Miss Natalie Preville. The jingle featuring the theme for independence “Taking Responsibility for Our Country’s Development”, was produced by internationally acclaimed musician Ronald Boo Hinkson.

In presenting the logo, St. Omer said it captured the essence of people coming together to take St. Lucia into the future, under God’s guidance.

Chairman of the multi-sector independence committee Dr James Fletcher, says activities will be staged at both community and national levels. He says such widespread celebrations will allow for a memorable observance with the requisite pomp, ceremony, dignity and significance, befitting such an occasion.

The official Independence Day website is “” and features information on all aspects of St. Lucian life as well as the schedule of activities to mark the 25th Anniversary of St. Lucia’s Independence.

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