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November 2003 - November 2004, 'Year of the Child'

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Contact: John Emmanuel

Monday, April 14, 2003 - Government has made good on a suggestion by Prime Minister, Honourable Dr. Kenny Anthony, to declare 2003 the Year of the Child. A calendar of activities was announced by Her Excellency the Governor General, Dame Pearlette Louisy as she delivered the Throne Speech on April 8th, 2003. According to her, the observance of the Year of the Child will start off with the International Day of the Child on November 20th, 2003.

“Such a designation will serve to give expression to the reality that our children are our collective responsibility, and that the care and protection of children ought to be a national priority,” said Dame Pearlette. She explained, “Our actions with respect to the designation of the Year of the Child must be to put strong legislation in place to protect children’s rights; it must be about developing a coalition of social forces inclusive of churches, non-governmental agencies and social clubs that act on behalf of children’s needs and interests; it must involve ensuring that the social welfare apparatus of government is re-tooled and re-energized to safeguard and protect children.” She cautioned however that putting children first is an individual and collective responsibility and that while government has a central role to play in this process, none can escape the judgment of individual accountability.

The Governor General said in support of this initiative the Attorney General has concluded discussions with a regional drafter to assist in the preparation of a suite of laws designed to promote a safe and nurturing environment within which children can prosper. The laws relating to the protection of children and juveniles, adoption, and foster care will all be radically revisited during this exercise.

Government, she pointed out had sought to build and extend on a comprehensive Education Sector Development Plan designed to benefit the nation’s youth. The plan calls for the attainment of universal secondary education on the island thereby providing a place in secondary schools for every child.

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