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New electrical standards for Saint Lucia

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Contact: Julita Peter

Wednesday, March 05, 2003 - The Engineering Technical Committee of the Saint Lucia Bureau of Standards has recommended two very important electrical standards for adoption, as national standards. The first of the two draft standards focuses on the labelling of domestic electrical appliances such as irons, toasters and refrigerators, while the second focuses on requirements for electrical installation in Saint Lucia, based on the Institute of Electrical Engineers (IEE) Wiring Regulations -16th Editions.

This is the first time that Saint Lucia is adopting electrical standards. Standards which now exist mainly apply to food, labelling and consumer products. According to Julius James, Standards Development Officer of the Bureau, given the importance of electrical safety, the development of electrical standards has been deemed critical by the committee.

James says, “The two electrical standards are the first of many in the area of electrical standards, which the technical committee is planning to give attention to during this year. Some of those standards are hoping to focus on electrical water heaters and transformers.”

The public has sixty days within which to review and comment on the draft standards which are available at the Castries Central Library, the Saint Lucia Chamber of Commerce and the Saint Lucia Bureau of Standards. This is in keeping with the WTO’s Code of Good Practice for the Adoption and Application of Standards, which requires that all draft standards be submitted to stakeholders and the general public before publication.

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