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New Councillors to Beautify Castries City

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Wednesday, November 19, 2003 – The Castries City Corporation (CCC) now has a new set of councillors, to carry out its mandate. On Monday evening, nine persons took the oath of office.

Minister for Social Transformation, Culture and Local Government, Honourable Menissa Rambally, implored the councillors to ensure that the interests of the people of the city of Castries and by extension the country, is well looked after in an environment of fairness and dignity. Minister Rambally emphasized the necessity for the councillors to remain steadfast, to the already ongoing programmes that have been instituted at the corporation, coupled with those that the CCC will eventually be implementing.

“I trust that you will have the will and the determination to implement and institute new programmes where necessary. I trust also that you will have the will and determination to make changes where changes are necessary and where changes are needed. Basically what I am saying to the new councillors, is that there is much to be done. There is much expectation of you and I trust that you will collaborate with the ministry to ensure that the work of the Castries City Corporation is fulfilled,” she said.

Parliamentary representative for Central Castries, Honourable Sarah Flood Beaubrun, expressed concern particularly regarding the noise pollution in the city and alluded to the hard decisions that must be taken at times, in the process of development.

Hon. Beaubrun made particular reference to noise emanating from activities being held at establishments owned by the corporation, including the Castries Market, with its usual country and western dances held almost every weekend. These disturbances, Minister Beaubrun said, are a source of great annoyance and discomfort, particularly for senior citizens of the city, who can’t sleep at nights as a result of the incessant noise.

New chairman of the Castries City Corporation, Peter Foster, appealed to stakeholders and other interest groups in the Castries basin, to assist the council in addressing the problems and needs of the city.

“The problems of city overcrowding, poor road usage, and sometimes unsanitary habits of a few uncaring persons, will be among the councils priority during our tenure. We will also address the beautification of Castries, market vendors and legislation governing the council,” Foster said.

Foster added that as a matter of urgency, he intends to hold dialogue with the Cabinet secretary, the commissioner of police, officials of the ministry of health and business owners in Castries, with the hope of resolving many of the problems facing the city.

Other councillors sworn in are, deputy chairman Amos Cyril, Irvin Ferdinand, Christine Berthelomy, Sylvia Cadasse, Arlette St. Ville, Vaughan Louis-Fernand, Albert Joseph and Marius Modeste.


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