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NEMO to share Disaster Management Experience with Region

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February 10, 2003 -- NEMO has been invited to a Regional Workshop on the Production of Flood Hazard Maps and their Utilization For Community Disaster Management Planning, to be held in Barbados at the Sam Lordís Castle Hotel on February 11-12, 2003.

The workshop will:

1. Share the concept of the Caribbean Disaster Management (CADM) Project

2. Share lessons learnt from experiences in the Region and Japan on Community Disaster Planning and Flood Hazard Mapping

3. Exchange opinions and build consensus among the Regional Team and pilot countries for effective implementation of the Project

One of the important elements of the workshop will be to examine the utility of flood hazard mapping to inform Community Disaster (CD) planning and preparedness. It will also examine approaches to CD Planning in the region and seek to develop best practices for application to the initial project pilot communities.

In light of Saint Luciaís experiences with CD Planning and Preparedness, an invitation was made to NEMO to attend the workshop to make a presentation on the topic "Institutionalizing the Community Disaster Preparedness Program"

The idea is to show the importance of integrating the Community Disaster Preparedness Program into the appropriate organs of the civil service and its contribution to strengthening the disaster management system, showing how Saint Luciaís system plans addresses emergencies related to the flood hazard using this integrated approach.

The Office is being represented by Community Development Officer Ms Martha Blanchard of the Ministry of Social Transformation.

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