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National Crime Commission Seeks to Bring Police and Communities Closer

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Contact: Claudia Monlouis

Thursday, July 17, 2003 - The National Crime Commission (NCC), is making significant headway, in bringing the police and public closer to work as a team, in an effort to defeat the crime surge. Ultimately, the NCC’s efforts are aimed at reducing any hostility that exists between the police and civilians. Chief Executive Officer of the NCC Linwall James says, based on its mandate, the NCC has been holding dialogue with civil society at the community level.

“Our mandate is to decrease actual levels of crime and disorder, prohibit further increase in crime, manage and decrease the fear of crime and personal victimization and form civic partnerships in reducing crime levels, disorder and theft, James said.” “We have been concentrating very much on the formation of civic partnerships. We have been holding community town hall meetings in a number of areas, out of which we are trying to collate concerns expressed through public hearings and consultations, through our town hall meetings.”

According to James, the communities are very interested in the approach adopted by the NCC and have been proactive in taking advantage of the initiative.

“Some communities have actually called us in to discuss specific areas. For example, the Choiseul community called us in to discuss domestic violence, and that was in response to two serious incidents that took place in the area.”

On many occasions, the Commission’s spokespersons provide information and guidance to residents airing various concerns. In addition, the Commission has been responding to calls from schools, to speak on topics such as crime and deviant behaviour, in an attempt to boost students’ morale and discipline.

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