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More School Places as Ciceron Secondary Opens

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Contact: Claudia Monlouis

Monday, July 14, 2003 - A new chapter will be written in the island’s educational development come September 01, 2003, when hundreds of students will for the first time, be ushered through the gates of the brand new Ciceron Secondary School.

Acting Registrar of Examinations in the Ministry of Education, Augusta Ifill says, of the incoming students, some 105 who sat the Common Entrance examinations will be joined by those who successfully passed the Common Middle Examinations - still available for the form ones. “The school is taking in 105 students in form one; they are also going to be taking 105 in form 2 and 105 in form 3.”

According to Ifill, the school’s curriculum will carry a specialised focus. “In as much as it is a secondary school where the children will be taught the normal English Language and Mathematics - those things that are needed as your base for any school - it will have a strong Tech/Voc bias. As well, the main feature about that school is the fact that the instruction will be assisted by information technology.”

The Ministry of Education is pleased with the number of students who selected the Ciceron Secondary School with scores ranging from 40 percent to 60 percent. A principal has already been identified for the school.

The Ciceron Secondary School will be opened together with the other secondary schools on September 1, 2003. A registration date of July 31st has been scheduled for new students coming into form one.

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