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Ministry of Planning addresses rapid unplanned development

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Contact: Claudia Monlouis

Thursday, April 17, 2003 - The Minister for Physical Development, Housing and Environment will soon be armed with more legal teeth to carry out its duties more effectively. Minister responsible for Physical Development and Housing, Honourable Ignatius Jean, says the much needed legal instruments are nearing fruition.

“Towards this end the new Physical Planning and Development Act, which was passed in this Honourable House since 2001 will be promulgated in June 2003. This will be followed by the new Building Code which will become the regulation to the Act,” says Jean.

Minister Jean lamented the fast paced loss of prime lands to concrete and steel constructions, compounded by a recent upsurge in illegal developments, particularly along the Cul De Sac and Ravine Poisson Highways.

The situation the Minister added requires the intervention of the Physical Development Department before it becomes a national and economic disaster.

“This we are determined to bring under control. The chaos that we have along the Castries/Gros Islet Highway must not be replicated in this valley. Today the government has to find vast sums, in an attempt to correct the situation along the Castries/Gros Islet Highway. There must be order; there must be structured development, and the rule of law must prevail,” Minister Jean explained.

A public relations strategy will soon be implemented to change the public‘s perception of the ministry’s roles and functions in proper planning and land development.



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