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Contact: Rose Marie Harris

Monday, May 26, 2003 -The island’s Governor General Her Excellency Dame Pearlette Louisy has called credible and sustained leadership. Speaking during the graduation ceremony of St. George’s University in Grenada earlier this month. Dame Pearlette reiterated the need for leaders who can lead beyond boundaries, keeping sight of the vision ahead with their feet firmly on the ground. “We need leaders who are able to address complex issues, build bridges and heal divisions. We need corporate sector leaders who understand that they need to pay greater attention to integrity, to ethical issues, to compliance, to transparency and accountability. We need government leaders who can manage policy instruments and processes such that the efforts if development are expedited and the negative impacts of globalisation are neutralised.”

According to the Governor General St. George’s University’s concern for educating professionals who will contribute to the deepening of human understanding and to the welfare of their societies and their world community suggests that the institution has embraced its responsibility of turning out an enlightened, committed, responsible, citizenry; that it nurtures and fosters the emerging link between social consciousness and career awareness, and that it is well on its way to giving leadership development the priority it deserves.

In wishing the grandaunts a fulfilling life, Dame Pearlette explained that there was one thing she was certain about that “we are living in an age of uncertainty.” “I have no illusions about the enormity of the task and onerous nature of the responsibility. But it is to you we must look for leadership to chart our course. I hope a morning never comes when we have any occasion to wonder what became of our world and our people,” the Governor General ended.

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