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Governor General Hosts 2nd Annual Lantern Display

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Contact: John Emmanuel

Tuesday, December 09, 2003 - Organizers of the second annual Governor General’s Lantern Display held at Government House on December 6, 2003, have hailed the event as a success and a precursor to the upcoming national event carded for December 12. Seven organizations of which the Governor General Her Excellency Dame Pearlette Louisy is patron, participated in the event.

According to Aide de Camp (ADC) to the Governor General Bernadette Saltibus, “the reason why we decided to host again this year, is because in the national competition, lanterns from this display captured the first prize national, the second prize national and the first prize original. We are hoping that this year our lanterns will go down to the national competition and do just as well.”

Judges of the event, who came from diverse backgrounds, praised the level of workmanship and creativity exhibited by artists and artisans in their portrayal of the various themes. “We took a walk and looked carefully at each exhibit. We examined the workmanship to see how fine it was. We can by looking at it, see how much time, effort and care was taken in relation to putting the exhibit together and presenting it,” said judge and playwright, Travis Weekes.

Using a blend of traditional methods and modern technology, participants were able to capture the imagination of the small crowd who turned out for the event.

In the words of judge and artist Cedric George, “In the good spirit of cultural development and awareness, this augurs well for St. Lucia in the whole scheme of things and with the National Festival of Light coming up, this mini-display here at Government House will enhance the overall package. This is good for future development, because if we stop, then our children to come will not know of the cultural activities we once celebrated.”

The three top spots went to Le Pavillion Royal, St. Lucia Junior Achievement and the St. Lucia National Trust respectively.

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