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European Development Fund to assist in Feeder Roads Project

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Contact: John Emmanuel

Monday, March 10, 2003 - Word from the local office of the European Development Fund (EDF) is that plans are gearing up for the implementation of a number of major initiatives this month. One of the initiatives involves a Farm Feeder Roads Project, anticipated to bring further relief to an already struggling banana sector.

National Authorising Officer of EDF, Wilfred Pierre, says the programme will be implemented by the Ministry of Agriculture, Forestry and Fisheries together with the Ministry of Communications, Works Transport and Public Utilities and the Poverty Reduction Fund (PRF).

Said Pierre, “its going to be a labour intensive programme which will give attention to several farm feeder roads in rural communities across the country and we hope that this will benefit farmers in terms of providing them better roads which we hope will result in better quality fruit. It also means that farm workers and other persons in the surrounding areas can get employment in relation to getting the roads constructed. This is all part of a series of initiative we have in the pipelines given the fact that our magic month is March. This is when we will be implementing our major Supplementary Framework of Assistance (SFA 2001) which includes a major initiative as it relates to poverty reduction.”

The month of March will also see the coming on stream of an Economic Diversification Programme which will provide major support to the private sector in terms of conducting business diagnostics, developing business plans, product development, market access and promotion. The EDF has been providing grant funding in lump sums of $10 thousand to several organizations on the island, like Farmer’s Cooperatives to assist in capacity building.

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