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Environmental Protection Must Be Every Citizen’s Concern

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Contact: Claudia Monlouis

Friday, June 06, 2003 – Whilst the nation’s observance of World Environment Day has concluded, the battle to conserve and protect the environment continues. But according to officials from the Sustainable Development Unit of the Ministry of Physical Development, Environment and Housing, environmental preservation can only succeed through a conscious effort on the part of every citizen,

Sustainable Development and Environment Officer Christopher Corbin said that too often people seem to think environmental issues are only governmental concerns.

“What are we doing to conserve water? What are we doing that is negatively impacting on our very limited and very fragile water resources? The environment is no longer the responsibility of the Ministry of Environment or any one department. Every single person has a role to play now as far as sound environmental management is concerned,” Corbin said.

The officer emphasised that poor environmental practices have serious implications for other sectors of the country’s future development, including Tourism, Manufacturing and Agriculture.

Foremost amongst anti-environmental behaviour that continues to pose problems in Saint Lucia are littering, poor land and water use and deforestation.

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