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"Education for Reading" - Reading Month 2003

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Contact: Rose Marie Harris

Monday, May 05, 2003 - Reading has been described as the key that will open doors of opportunity not only while at school but for the rest of life. This was one of the messages delivered by Governor General, Her Excellency Dame Pearlette Louisy as Saint Lucia observes Reading Month in May.

The month is being observed under the theme: Education Through Reading. Dame Pearlette encouraged young people people to read more as it will unlock the door of opportunity resulting in a better quality of life.

“But when we speak of being able to read, we do not mean being able only to understand the meaning behind the words. Reading therefore is very much about understanding the message that the writer wants to bring across, about understanding the meaning behind words. You may a top whiz in mathematics or science or any of your other school subjects, but if you are unable to read the mathematics paper or the science paper and by that I mean if you are not able to understand what is written on the examination paper, for example all your knowledge will count for nothing. I am sure you have heard of many students because they could not understand the written word, they could not read.”

Dame Pearlette explained that while some persons depend on the television to give them all the information they need, the images that one sees on the screen and voices that that one hears come and go. “The written word is a more permanent record and we can go back to it over and over. And this is the advantage that reading and the written word has over the other means of communication,” the Governor General said.

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