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Driver's Licence Fees Increase

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Contact: Ina Joseph

Wednesday, April 09, 2003 Ė Saint Lucian drivers will soon be paying more for their drivers licence. In delivering his 2003/2004 Budget Address, Prime Minister, Honourable Dr. Anthony has proposed to increase the triennium charge for a driverís license from $150 to $300, meaning that each driver would be required to pay $50 more per year. Dr. Anthony expects that this measure would yield an additional $1 million for the fiscal year, out of which funds will be used to strengthen police traffic patrols and improve overall law enforcement on streets and highways.

According to the Prime Minister, this has become necessary because of the great number of drivers on the road and consequently the increasing number of vehicles that are placing a strain on the islandís road network. In fact Dr. Anthony revealed road maintenance costs are increasing and there is need to find the means of meeting these costs. In addition, over the past few years there has been an increasing recklessness and irresponsibility among some drivers. ďA driverís license confers on the holder a serious responsibility, which unfortunately, many of our drivers choose to ignore. We must begin to tackle with resolve the issue of road safety. We cannot afford to lose our citizens to recklessness and irresponsibility on our roads,Ē Dr. Anthony said.

Dr. Anthony believes that in addition to meeting the increasing cost of maintaining the road network, resources must be allocated to address the serious issues pertaining to road safety. Whilst more developed countries use a system of tolls as a means of raising revenue to meet the cost of road security and safety, the Government of Saint Lucian has chosen not to go this route because of the associated cost in introducing a toll system.

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