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CXC Celebrating Thirty Years - "A Symbol of Caribbean Pride”

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Contact: Primus Hutchinson

Monday, May 12, 2003 - After thirty years of existence, the Caribbean Examination Council, CXC, is being described as an image and symbol of Caribbean pride. The CXC, established in 1973 embraced an overall objective of developing syllabi and provides certification, not only to meet the needs of the region but has also stood up to international scrutiny.

Public Relations Officer with the Caribbean Examination Council, Sam Cleaveland says Caribbean people are very proud of CXC as a CARICOM product. Cleaveland indicated that those who hold CXC certification have gone on to excel and as a result can be seen as genuine products of CXC over the years. According to Cleaveland, the CXC Syllabus Development Unit, based in Jamaica, conducts a significant amount of research, having to provide for 16 participating territories that incidentally also play a role in providing guidance as to the subjects that are more relevant to the needs of these territories.

Cleaveland stated that the CXC unit is being both proactive and responsive to the needs of its clients. According to the PRO, the unit is open to suggestions from any member state regarding a particular subject that CXC may not be offering currently but is relevant to the needs of that member state. Cleaveland added that at the higher level , meaning the CARICOM Ministers of Education, from time to time has also suggested to CXC, to look into developing particular subjects relevant for member states.

Registrar of CXC, Dr. Lucy Stewart says, they have taken into consideration the many concerns expressed by teachers regarding the quantum of work that students must undertake for the School Base Assessment, the SBA component of CXC. According to Dr. Stewart, in many cases, the work load has been reduced.

“ History is one example that comes to mind, where we’ve reduced a number of assignments that students had to do to a fewer assignments or a project. We must remember too, that no progressive examination body will allow a student’s evaluation to rest on one final exam. The student can be ill, something can happen and the student can’t take the examination on that day and therefore teachers’ assessment is also important. Also the examination body is really interacting with the student only at a particular time; the teacher is interacting with the student over at least two years.” Stewart said.

The CXC team of Dr. Lucy Stewart, Registrar and Public Relations Officer, Sam Cleaveland visited St. Lucia last week in observance of CXC’s thirtieth anniversary.

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