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Contact: Rose Marie Harris

Monday, March 24, 2003 - Digicel a new telecommunication company has began operation here. On Friday, the company presented Prime Minister, Honourable Dr. Kenny Anthony, with its first cellular phone. Dr. Anthony made his first call to St. Vincent where he spoke with his counterpart, Prime Minister, Honourable Ralph Consalves.

Dr. Anthony has described the introduction of a new telecommunications company as historical. According to Dr. Anthony, Saint Lucians can now make choices as to which company offers the preferred product.

“In it are other messages for us that yes competition sometimes bring pain but on another occasions competition also bring benefit this is one such occasion. I am really looking forward to the next few days, particularly as I indicated to observe how Digicel will now begin to impact on the market and how they are going to persuade young Saint Lucians to utilise their telephones and there are some persons who believe that Digicel has won the hearts and minds of young Saint Lucians that view may well be correct,” Dr. Anthony said.

Dr. Anthony wished Digicel well in its operations, describing the company as committed. “They have always known what they wanted. They have been singular about it, very committed, they have worked hard every step of the way and I think a lot of credit has to be given to their management and to their understanding as well of the peculiarities of the Caribbean environment.”

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