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Chief Fire Officers convene regional AGM in St. Lucia

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Contact: Claudia Monlouis

Thursday, April 24, 2003 - The need for training of regional fire personnel and accessing of such training is being viewed as paramount amongst several matters discussed at the Caribbean Association of Chief, Deputy and Assistant Chief Fire Officers, at the Cara Suites Hotel.

According to Chief Fire Officer of the St. Lucia Fire Service, Augustin Gaspard, the association which was formed to take a unified approach in developing fire fighting and emergency services in the Caribbean, is reliant on the financial support of all the governments.

“While we agree that some governments have come on board and given us the necessary backing, there are those who are yet to give us the kind of support desired, as evidenced by the absence of some of our Caribbean colleagues. Nonetheless, we will continue to persevere until all has come on board; for our dream is for total representation, of all the islands of the Caribbean whether English, French or Spanish,” said Gaspard.

Home Affairs Minister, Honourable Sarah Flood-Beaubrun, asserted that the government of St. Lucia is very supportive of the local fire service and fire services in general, as the full extent of the demands and risks involved in carrying out their duties is fully appreciated.

“As our world because more and more technologically becomes sophisticated, with more terrorist prone and increased environmental challenges, and the increasing hazards associated with air, sea and land traffic, we in the Caribbean need to take our fire and emergency services more seriously,” Minister Flood-Beaubrun explained.

The participants will seek to address imperatives such as uniform, equipment, training and communication before their Annual General Meeting concludes on April 26. 2003.


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