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CARE records improvements in Vocational & Technical Educational

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Contact: Rose Marie Harris

Tuesday, January 14, 2003 – Brother Dominica Bronoc of Centre for Adolescent and Rehabilitation Education, (CARE) has described, as a significant achievement, the acquisition of carpentry tools for the CARE centre in Anse La Raye.

The tools have been made possible though the Basic Needs Trust Fund and according to Brother Dominic Bronoc of CARE the donation of the items is significant because students will now have a greater opportunity in acquiring employable skills in that sector.

“In today’s world of technology and modern equipment very few people can get employment unless they have some basic training in some form of skills then they are left more and more behind.”

Brother Dominic also urged the young people to be responsible for equipment they have received, for their success in maintaining the items will go along way in receiving more assistance from the BNTF.

CARE began operations on the island in 1993, and some eighty three percent of young persons who graduated from the programme are now gainfully employed throughout the business sector in the island.

Parliamentary Representative for Anse La Raye Canaries, Honourable Cyprian Lansiquot in expressing his appreciation for the tools to CARE, says it is only through organisations like the BNTF, that young people in his constituency have been given another chance to make a meaningful contribution to society. “Some of the kids cannot find an opportunity to go to a secondary school, it is not because of their fault but because of the flaws, shortcomings associated with the Common Entrance System and so the CARE programme is the only means available to provide those children who cannot find the opportunity to enter secondary schools this is the only means we have to provide them with an opportunity to more on to higher educational levels,” Lansiquot said.

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