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Cabinet Approves Volcanic Assessment for Saint Lucia

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June 20, 2003 – The Cabinet of Ministers of Saint Lucia having reviewed the Volcanic Hazard Assessment for Saint Lucia have approved for dissemination through the Office of the National Emergency Management Organisation.

Cabinet has further directed that NEMO collaborate with relevant agencies on updating the Volcanic Plan, Public Education for awareness of the plan and development of appropriate strategies for mitigating against volcanic hazards.

In keeping with NEMO’s mandate for preparedness and the Cabinet instructions NEMO continues to highlight that Saint Lucia is not only at risk to the annual storms. In June 2002 NEMO in collaboration with the Seismic Research Unit conducted a week of actives which highlighted the volcanic risk in Saint Lucia.

As part of the Emergency Recovery and Disaster Management Project funded by a loan from the World Bank, the National Emergency Management Advisory Committee (NEMAC) accepted the 2002 Volcanic Plan. The 2002 Plan is an update of the 1996 plan.

Later in 2003 NEMO shall present the complete National Emergency Response Plan for the final approval and authorization of the Cabinet of Ministers.


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