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Bringing Colour and Music to Derek Walcott Square

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Contact: Primus Hutchinson

Wednesday, May 07, 2003 - Jazz on the Square started off this year on a rather hype note with fashion designer John Chalon parading a cadre of models showcasing some of the latest collections from his fashion house, Shazi La Boutique.

Speaking to the during this year’s first Jazz on the Square activity on Monday, Chalon emphasized the importance of the correlation of music and fashion. The local fashion designer said he is pleased that his boutique was provided with the opportunity to showcase the relationship existing between the two entities. However what he considers of even greater importance is the economic value that such an activity like the Jazz Festival brings to St. Lucia.

According to Chalon, the St. Lucia Jazz Festival should not only play a major role in developing the island’s tourism product, but should also be used as a vehicle to present the country’s many talents to an international market. Chalon said St. Lucia should try to showcase its talents for the thousands of visitors who converge on the island every year to experience one of the island’s premier festivals, thereby creating additional opportunities for different sectors of the economy.

Meanwhile, Executive Director of the St. Lucia Chamber of Commerce, Brian Louisy, stated that the fashion show segment of the Jazz on the Square which is into its third year, is a collaborative effort involving the Chamber of Commerce and the Ministry of Commerce.

“We thought of a way of enhancing what’s happening in the design sector and the fashion showcase is an avenue where we give the fashion designers an opportunity to showcase their talents; showcase what they have been doing, their designs and what have you. And it’s been a bit difficult to put it together, we have accommodated them, we have made the adjustments and I think it has work very well,” Louisy said.

Jazz on the Square features both local and foreign artists and comes to a close on Friday, May 10.

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