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All is in place for one day cricket match between Australia and West Indies

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Contact : Primus Hutchinson

Thursday, May 15, 2003 – All is in place for the hosting of the One Day International cricket match between Australia and the West Indies slated for May 21, 2003 at the Saint Lucia’s state of the art Beausejour Cricket Ground.

Speaking with the Government Information Service Sports Consultant with the Saint Lucia Tourist Board, Joseph “Reds” Perreira explained that all the necessary arrangements have been made and tickets are already on sale. He is appealing to Saint Lucians to come out and support the game. “Saint Lucians must see to it that this game is a sell-out,” Perreira said. “The New Zealand two one days were very encouraging in terms of Saint Lucia support.

This is a one off one day on May 21 and it will be just great of Saint Lucians to ensure that every seat is taken and not just to assume that all the seats will be taken so I don’t have to go. It will not televised locally so there is every reason why Saint Lucians must buy their tickets in advance. The tickets are on sale at Beausejour and to ensure that when the West Indies planned beyond 2004, 2005, 2006 and of course the crucial 2007 that the bottom line is there as a plus for Saint Lucia, that there are good crowd for international cricket, whenever in fact cricket is slated for Saint Lucia.”

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