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World Environment Day - 'Give Earth a Chance'

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Contact: Rose Marie Harris

Tuesday, June 04, 2002 – As Saint Lucia joins the rest of world in observing World Environment Day on June 05, 2002 the message continues to be reiterated that peoples of the world cannot continue to pollute the environment with industrial waste, to cut down forests and to dump garbage in rivers. In his address to observe the day, Minister with responsibility for the environment, Honourable Dr. Walter Francois explained that such destructive actions continue to threaten the island’s limited and fragile natural resources and the well being of all Saint Lucians.

In an effort to ensure that Saint Lucians begin to protect and manage the environment in a safe way for future generations, government will shortly proceed with the implementation of a National Climate Change Strategy. One of the priorities, Minister Francois pointed out, will be the protection of the island’s coastlines and the establishment of systems to minimise the destruction of coastal infrastructure. “In that regard, the proposed establishment of a Coastal Zone Management Unit in collaboration with the Ministry of Agriculture, Forestry, and Fisheries will contribute to a more integrated approach to the management of coastal resources. In addition greater focus continues to be given to improving watershed management that should lead to improved quality and quantity of freshwater resources,” Minister Francois said.

The Government of Saint Lucia, recognising the critical importance of environmental management to economic development, continues to make significant improvements in environmental conservation efforts. Minister Francois highlighted the government’s latest achievement in this regard. “Saint Lucia’s first properly developed sanitary landfill, which will commence operations shortly at Deglos, will make a major step forward in the management of solid waste. National policies for the management of shore and ship generated wastes have been completed and legislation will shortly be enacted to give effect to these policies”.

Government has also developed specific programmes for hazardous wastes, including lead acid batteries, used oil and bio-medical wastes.


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