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UWI Chancellor Speaks Out On Globalisation

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Contact: John Emmanuel

Tuesday, April 16, 2002 – The Chancellor of the University of the West Indies has been expressing his views on matters of globalisation and the place of the Caribbean in the changing world environment. The Honourable Sir Shridath Ramphal is of the view that part of the Caribbean’s response to the phenomena of globalisation has to be a greater emphasis on regional unity.

“We have to meet the world, the globalise economy as a Caribbean, as a single regional entity,” said Sir Shridath. According to him, “governments seem to understand these developments although am not satisfied that people as a whole understand them in their complexity, and am equally unsure that the business community understand them in as much depth as I would like. However in all those sectors, having spoken to the Chamber of Commerce in Trinidad and Tobago and having held dialogue with the business community in St. Lucia, their understanding of these changes in the world are absolutely essential elements or going forward but so to is the understanding of people in St. Lucia, in Barbados, Trinidad and Jamaica who will make the difference.”

Sir Shridath, who has been University Chancellor for over a decade, says UWI has played its part over the years in cementing the culture of the region, especially in campus territories. Lamenting the fact that not enough graduates were coming out of the region’s premiere educational institution, and even fewer were making significant contributions to the region, Sir Shridath placed on record his thanks to regional governments for their commitment to advancing the peoples of the Caribbean, by ensuring that education remain at the heart of governments’ developmental policy.

“They certainly possess the will and they do demonstrate it. They possess the will because education for the Caribbean, education for all of us, for our parents, education for the parents of the our Prime Ministers and Ministers of Education was the essential factor for betterment, for moving on and that’s why parents made every sacrifice and will continue to make sacrifices to ensure that their children have a better education than they had and that yearning for education and that understanding that the path to prosperity, certainly to progress and human welfare lies through education is pervasive throughout countries,” said Sir Shridath.

Sir Shridath was in St. Lucia as part of the Chancellor’s Forum, a unique programme designed to deepen awareness among Caribbean peoples of the degree to which global developments are impacting on their lives. The programme was launched in neighbouring St. Vincent and the Grenadines last month and will allow Sir Shridath to interact with graduates and faculty members, as well as with community and organization leaders in non-campus territories.

During his two day visit that began on Monday, April 15, 2002, Sir Shridath held dialogue with Prime Minister Honourable Dr. Kenny Anthony and other members of Cabinet, senior public servants, trades union representatives and members of the business community.


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