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“The Adventures of Lenni Zandoli” - Coming to a School near You

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Contact: Janelle Charles

Monday, March 04, 2002 - A new and exciting reference book from which children can learn about St. Lucia’s landscape, its indigenous reptiles and life in the various communities is to be made available in schools. On Monday, the Minister for Education Honourable Mario Michel received one hundred copies of the book ‘The Adventures of Lenni Zandoli’ from the book’s author Victor Marquis.

Describing the writing of the book as a labour of love, Marquis says the idea was born out of his own childhood experience when leaning about St. Lucia was straight laced and dull. The characters in the book - Whiptail lizards which are indigenous to Maria Island - set out on an adventure around the island giving readers enjoyable yet substantive insight into local history.

“I hope through this channel that more and more kids will get to read about Lenni and the characters in the book and get to know about St. Lucia,” Marquis said during the presentation ceremony.

The book has received positive reviews from the Minister for Education who recommends it for secondary school students and grades four and up within the primary school system.

“I suspect by the time it makes the rounds, Mr. Marquis’ donation of a hundred copies to the schools might pay some dividends because I rather suspect that along the way, whether through the students themselves, through the school themselves, or through the Ministry, we will be requiring other copies,” Minister Michel said.

John Phulchere illustrates the book and it is printed and published by the Voice Publishing Company. This is Marquis’ second book. The first, “Of Cabbages and Kings”, is a collection of commentaries. He will release his third book, a thriller entitled ‘Search’, shortly.


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