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Students to Provide Solutions to Indiscipline

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Contact: Claudia Monlouis

Monday, November 11, 2002 - As the problem of indiscipline among students becomes more acute, Students of Education District Two have undertaken to approach the problem in a new and creative way. The initiative is called “Forum on students’ discipline” and is expected to get on the way on Thursday morning (November 14th) at the Castries Comprehensive Secondary School Auditorium.

Julian Delauney Education Officer for District Two says, the Forum on Students Discipline will address disciplinary problems which face some of the schools within District Two.

“The disciplinary problems, some of them are mild but some of them are very destructive with students’ fights, students disrespect to authority, also students’ lateness and the whole question of irregularity at school. These are some of the major disciplinary concerns facing District Two.”

The forum aims to provide students with a channel through which their voices are heard on the problems they encounter with discipline. as well as allowing them the chance to make recommendations and suggestions on how to resolve those problems.

Mr.Delauney says that this activity also places much emphasis on the participation of parents.

“The parents are invited at the forum, so that they in turn would hear the views, opinions of students regarding discipline. Now it is crucial that the parents are included because the foundation of the students’ socialization begins from the home. And therefore parents need to firstly understand that look there are curtain important practices- parental practices that would help in nurturing the child helping the child to develop a better sense of behaviour and to be more disciplined” he said.

Delauney also stressed that the Forum on discipline will have a beneficial outcome which will make a difference as all the relevant information coming out of the session will be analysed by a committee made up of students, parents and teachers before being compiled into a document which will then be sent to all schools in District Two for implementation where it is feasible to do so.

Eduaction District Two comprises thirteen (13) schools including eight (8) infant and primary schools and five secondary schools.


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