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Students Excel at the 2002 Common Entrance Examinations

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Contact: Rose Marie Harris

Thursday, July 04, 2002 - Education officials are commending the students who wrote this year’s Common Entrance Examinations. Releasing the results to the local media Thursday July 04, 2002, Minister for Education, Honourable Mario Michel, said the students performed outstandingly in all subject areas.

In this year’s examination, the average composite scores ranged from six percent to ninety six percent. The national mean was 49.85% – an increase of close to 6 % over the 2001 national mean of 44%. Two thousand, two hundred and eighteen candidates or 49% scored at or above the national mean.

Minister Michel revealed that, “Making a comparison between the two years in individual subjects, last year the mean for English Language was 47.72%, this year it climbed to 49.65% almost 2% point improvement in the performance in English Language. In General Paper, last year the national mean was 51.65 %, this year it has climbed to 54.39%, reflecting an almost 3% increase in performance in general paper. Last year the national mean in Mathematics was 41.32 %, this year it climbed to 44.67% reflecting a very encouraging 13 % in improvement in the performance in Mathematics this year. So that we do have something to smile about that our students performed distinctly better this year than they did last year.”

The top three students are from the Desruisseaux Primary, Canon Laurie Anglican and Camille Henry Memorial Schools.

Minister Michel said one general concern to the education officials is that girls continue to out- perform boys in every subject area. According to the minister this trend began some years ago and is reflected at Common Entrance, CXC and at all levels of the Minimum Standards Examinations.

“In English Language the national mean for boys was 44.94 %, for girls it was 54.37 %; nearly 10% better; in mathematics, the national mean for boys was 41.92%, for girls 47.45 % over six percentage points better; in General Paper the national mean for boys 51.705 % and for girls 57.073 % with girls performing nearly 6 % better than the boys. In terms of the overall numbers, scoring at or above the national mean, nine hundred and forty four boys are at or above the national mean, and 1, 200 girls scoring are at or above the national mean.”

Some two thousand four hundred and seventy six students have been assigned places at the eighteen secondary schools on the island.


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