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St. Lucia Plays Host to Regional Trademark Workshop

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Contact: John Emmanuel

Monday, January 28, 2002 - St. Lucia is hosting the third in a series of regional training workshops on trademarks aimed at discussing the latest developments in the field. The three-day meeting, which began on Monday, January 28, brought together officials from the Attorney General’s Chambers, the Registry of Companies and Intellectual Property and the World Intellectual Property Organization (WIPO).

Attorney General and Minister for Justice Senator Petrus Compton says delegates are examining the issues surrounding trademarks such as protection and functions and importance of trademark systems, while engaging in practical training for examination of applications.

According to Senator Compton “trademarks are vital to trade.” He says the trademark system expanded and grew on the basis of the growth in commerce and trade following the industrial revolution.

“If you are selling a good or service you want to be able to differentiate that from similar goods and services. The principal way to differentiate it is by a mark, symbol or a brand name. Very often you hear talk about competing brand names and persons trying to use one another’s brand names and how these things are strongly resisted. It is because the trademark says to the consumer once you buy something bearing this mark it has quality, good price and your expectations can be satisfied,” said the Attorney General.

Local companies, he says, have made significant strides in developing and implementing trademarks over the years. However, Mr. Compton notes, more still needs to be done in promoting and marketing those trademarks, in order to maximize trade benefits

Similar training workshops have been conducted in Barbados and Trinidad.


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