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St. Lucia Hosts Ten-day Regional Court Administration Training

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Contact: Julita Peter

Monday, September 30, 2002 - Thirty senior personnel attached to various court offices throughout the Eastern Caribbean Supreme Court on Monday September 30, 2002, began a ten-day training course in Court Administration, at the Bay Gardens Hotel. The training forms part of the Eastern Caribbean Supreme Court’s reform program.

Over the last two years the court has introduced new civil procedure rules which require a new approach to litigation, and the operation of the court. High Court Judge for the Eastern Caribbean Supreme Court Justice Adrian Saunders describes the training as an exciting period for the judiciary, adding that it is something new, and different.

“It is something we hope is going to make a difference in the way litigation is conducted, in the past litigants, the general public have always felt the litigation is generally slow, it is expensive, the results are often unpredictable, and the effective case flow management seeks to address some of these issues, so that hopefully at the end of the day, it all redounds to the benefits of the general public and people will see more timely disposition of cases,” said Justice Saunders

The training exercise is being facilitated by three experts, two from the National Centre for State Courts in the United States, and the other from the Trinidad and Tobago Supreme Court. Over the next ten days participants are going to deal with case flow management, the way cases ought to flow through the court system, from the time the cases are filed, to the final disposition. The training will further look at court performance standards, focusing on the manner in which persons employed in the courts offices should adjust to the new culture that surrounds the new rules.

The training is being financed by the USAID/ Jamaica.


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