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St. Lucia Crisis Centre to extend its Reach

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Contact: Janelle Charles

Wednesday, March 13, 2002 - The St. Lucia Crisis Centre has is focused on reducing incidents of domestic violence and promoting harmony in households as part of its two-year strategic outlook. In an effort to achieve this objective the Crisis Centre intends to intensify its outreach programme in order to capture potential clients outside of the Castries basin.

According to the President of the St. Lucia Crisis Centre, Rufina Paul, the Centre’s work outside of the city since it came into existence in the last 12 years ago has been limited. “We want to see if we could probably establish two satellite centres at strategic areas, maybe in the west coast, where the people have asked for it in the Soufriere area and maybe in the east coast, somewhere east south east so to speak, because there is something already in Vieux Fort. So we are looking at two outreach centres, satellites as we call them to enable us to reach out to persons who cannot really access because of where we are in the north,” Paul said.

The Crisis Centre is also seeking to build strategic partnerships with a number of institutions and agencies, particularly the judiciary with a view to helping curb the incidents of domestic violence.

The St. Lucia Crisis Centre will also be exploring ways to supplement the seventy-two thousand dollar subvention it currently receives from Government.


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