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Contact: Rose Marie Harris

Honduras, Wednesday, February 27, 2002 - Saint Lucia is being represented by a sixteen member delegation at a two week regional computer simulation that brings together participants of

civil and military authorities in Central America and the Caribbean. The.Fuerzas Aliadas Humanitarias (FA HUM) Command Post Exercise is being held under the theme "In the Face of Emergencies We are all One Team."

The event provides expertise in minimising the impact of tragedies that dramatically affect marginal populations, as a result of natural phenomena that occur in the region.

According to Juan Antonio Bendeck, National Commissioner of the Permanent Contingency Commission COPECO, the consolidation of a new Permanent Culture is no longer a task that involves only state emergency institutions, but is instead a responsibility shared by all the sectors of society. "In Honduras, this represents the new model of the system where we all become a single team to confront an emergency," Bendeck explained.

The first week of the exercise, February 25 to 28, will include presentations by a number of experts on disaster preparedness, damage assessment and needs analysis, Caribbean Disaster Response Plan, incident command system, integrated relief supplies management and impact of disaster on public health.

The second week of the workshop will focus on an actual computer simulation exercise, with Saint Lucia being the impact country for the passage of a category five hurricane with minimum sustained winds of one hundred and fifty miles an hour. This is to test the islandís readiness and capabilities to deal with a natural disaster.

Saint Lucia's delegation include representatives from the National Emergency Management Office (NEMO), the Marine Police, Ministry of Planning, Ministry of Health, SLASPA and the Government Information Service.


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