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Saint Lucia's Carnival Promoted in Trinidad

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Contact: Rose Marie Harris

Monday, June 17, 2002 - Saint Lucia’s 2002 carnival promotions went overseas last weekend when the Saint Lucia Tourist Board and the Cultural Development Foundation (CDF) took their marketing campaign to Trinidad and Tobago.

Marketing Manager of the Saint Lucia Tourist Board, Tracy Warner-Arnold, says the special promotion dubbed “The Lucian Lime” targeted an after work club where Trinidadians gather on Fridays. “What we did was we promoted all week leading up to this lime to get everybody to come out and participate in an extempo competition and just to hear music from Saint Lucia so we brought CD’s and that sort of thing. It went very well”.

Arnold says the event received the support of Trinidadians and the Trinidadian media. “We had Errol Fabien as the MC so you know it was entertaining and it really turned out well and it is something we are thinking about that we want to do annually, have an annual Lucian lime that promotes Saint Lucia carnival and every year it can get bigger and bigger.”

Other members of the delegation were Marketing Officer from the Saint Lucia Tourist Board, Hale Harvey and Gandolph St. Claire who represented the Cultural Development Foundation.


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