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Religious Community to Help Combat the Drug Scourge

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Contact: Primus Hutchinson

Tuesday, May 28, 2002 – In preparation for International Day against Drug Abuse on June 26, the Substance Abuse Advisory Secretariat organized a one-day workshop on Tuesday May 28. The workshop was a collaborative effort among a number of established agencies and local organizations, including the religious community.

Drug Control and Prevention Officer with the Substance Abuse Advisory Secretariat, Natasha Lloyd, said that the input from the religious community is critical because of that community’s influence on a wide section of the population.

According to Lloyd, the religious community was invited to serve as a vehicle through which the Secretariat can conduct its sensitization campaign. She explained that while the intention is to sensitize the youth in particular, the rest of the society would also be sensitized to the issues of substance abuse and drug dependency. The workshop, Lloyd added, was an opportunity for the various agencies to express their concerns on how they would like the problem to be addressed.

However, Lloyd emphasised that the youth were the target group for the secretariat’s campaign,

“ We want to look at the youth population, particular those who are disenfranchised, those who are unemployed, those who figure they don’t have much to offer to society, to see what issues they face and the challenges of the drug environment”.


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