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Postal Services to be Repositioned

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Contact: Primus Hutchinson

Thursday, March 28, 2002 - Minister for Communications, Works, Transport and Public Utilities, Honourable Felix Finisterre says his ministry is looking at ways of repositioning the postal service in an effort to tap into new opportunities in the delivery and receiving of mail.

Speaking at his very first press conference since his appointment as minister after last December’s general elections, Finisterre said, in spite of the rapid changes in communication technology, he does not subscribe to the idea that the postal service is outmoded.

Mr. Finisterre noted that due to the tremendous increase in the utilization of electronic means of communications it may appear to some that the postal services has outlived its usefulness. According to him, that’s not the case.

“We still see a significant amount of mail still passing through and therefore we have to position or reposition the postal service so that we can now begin to tap into those new opportunities for business. That is exactly what we are about to do,” the minister said.

According to Mr. Finisterre, the Cabinet of Ministers has already taken a decision to change the business operations of the postal service here. The intention, he indicated, is to transform it from a department of government to a corporation of some kind with a certain amount of autonomy and with the ability to enter into E-Commerce.

Said Finisterre: “My understanding is that the greatest difficulty, the greatest huddle in that process, is what do you do with the workers? How do you handle, with a certain amount of sensitivity, the large number of workers currently employed there?”

However, the minister concluded, the move to corporatise the postal services will be prioritised in the coming financial year.


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