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OECS Judiciary Launches New Law Year 2002-03

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Contact: Claudia Monlouis

September 17, 2002 - The 2002 -2003 new Law Year, for the OECS judiciary officially commenced on Monday, September 16. However, Tuesday marked the opening pomp and ceremony, along with the presentation of an address by the Hon. Chief Justice for the OECS Supreme Court,Sir Dennis Byron. During the address which was delivered via simul – cast from Nevis, Sir Byron took collective stock of all aspects of the OECS judiciary, highlighting some of the strides which have been made as well as new projects which are expected to come on stream within the region.

According to Sir Denis: “The backlog of civil litigation in the high court has already seen substantial reduction. A vast number cases of that were pending have been finally deposed of and the backlog has been feverishly attacked and has been considerably reduced”.

Sir Dennis Byron indicated that there were indeed some very ambitious plans earmarked for enhancing the courtroom procedures; including the introduction of new software packages to provide additional capacities to the courts, in carrying out their duties.

“We have begun to reap some of the benefits of having a computerized case management software package. Which you may recall was referred to in my address at the opening of law year last year. In an effort to use the software containing as much information as possible, we have embarked upon a backlog case entry exercise in most of our jurisdictions.”

Sir Dennis stressed the need for reform in the area of professionalizing the legal profession. He also called for support for the establishment up of a Professional Secretariat for the OECS Bar Association, saying that it must be financially supported by all members of the legal profession within the OECS.


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