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New State-of-the-Art Public Facility for Soufriere

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Contact: John Emmanuel

Friday, January 11, 2002 - A close to three hundred thousand dollar public facility commissioned in the southwestern town of Soufriere is expected to significantly enhance the appearance of the entrance to the town. The facility, which has been dubbed a comfort centre, is the brainchild of the Soufriere Development Foundation and will cater to residents and visitors alike for a small fee.

Chairman of the Board of the Soufriere Development Foundation Harold Dalson told residents at the opening ceremony on Thursday, January 10th 2002, “today we are formally and officially opening what is perhaps the most prestigious public facility in St. Lucia. Soufriere needs and deserves nothing less for we are known as the mecca of tourism in St. Lucia”.

Dalson has called upon residents and other Soufriere based organizations to work closely with the Foundation for the further development of the town. Parliamentary Representative for Soufriere Honourable Walter Francois in welcoming the initiative applauded the work of the Foundation. According to Dr. Francois, who is also the Minister of Planning, Development, Environment and Housing, his vision for the Foundation is for it to assume even greater responsibility for the developmental process in Soufriere.

“The plan that I have for the foundation is even wider and deeper. I believe the Foundation should be the one overseeing housing development in Soufriere. The development of the waterfront should have been under the guidance of the Foundation. I believe the foundation should be a parallel government in Soufriere. I know it will grow and develop and we will get the priorities right,” said Dr. Francois.

The Ministry of Planning provided technical support in constructing the comfort centre.


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