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Contact: Julita Peter

Tuesday, July 30, 2002 - Heads of St. Lucia overseas missions and embassies ended a two-day meeting at the NIS Conference Centre on Wednesday July 30,2002, which was convened to review the island’s foreign policy. Minister for External Affairs, International Trade and Civil Aviation, Senator the Honourable Julian Hunte, told participants that with “ the dynamic changes taking place in the global market place there is now urgent need for the revisiting of the Ministries priorities and a major shift in the manner in which it operates.”. One of the biggest challenges facing the ministry, according to Minister Hunte, is using its external relations to ensure that the island continues to develop economically, socially and politically.

“ It is my hope that this Foreign Policy Review over the next two days will signal a new chapter in our External Relations and will herald the commencement of a new approach in the way we conduct our affairs. An approach which will be characterized by a more business like orientation and a more outward focus that demonstrate a greater level of accountability for our actions and stronger linkages with the realities in other sectors,” he added.

The External Affairs Minister urged the Heads of the St. Lucian Missions and Embassies to make efficient use of their limited resources.

An external relations policy and strategy paper was commissioned by the Ministry of External Affairs was the main background document for the meeting.

The Ministry of External Affairs will be reactivating the Council on External Trade, as a mechanism for meaningful public participation in strengthening its capacity to formulate a trade policy at the national level.


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