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New Legislation to Address Electronic Fraud

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Contact: Julita Peter

Wednesday, January 09, 2002 - For the first time St. Lucia will introduce new legislation enabling the prosecution of crimes involving the manipulation of electronic data such as credit card fraud. Thatís when the new criminal code is enacted by March 2002.

The new criminal code drafted by the Office of the Attorney General follows extensive consultation with key stakeholders within the criminal justice system in St. Lucia. Representatives from the offices of the Director of Public Prosecutions, the Commissioner of Police, the Magistracy and the Bar Association were among those participating in the consultative process.

Mr. Norton Jack
Mr. Norton Jack

The Director of Public Prosecutions Norton Jack says, the proposed criminal code will more adequately and realistically identify, prosecute and punish crimes in our modern society.

Mr. Jack adds, the fast pace at which criminals change their methods of committing crimes demands the continued vigilance and re-examination of the criminal code.

The new criminal code will also address anomalies pertaining to the sentencing of persons convicted of sexual offences, and will clarify criminal procedures where the old criminal code is silent or unclear.


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