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Million Dollar Jetty Commissioned in Canaries

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Contact: Primus Hutchinson

Wednesday, November 27, 2002 – The new million dollar Jetty in the Village of Canaries has been described as additional complementary infrastructure for a potential tourism product in that part of the country.

That is the view of the Minister for Communications, Works, Transport and Public Utilities, the Honourable Felix Finistierre. Speaking during the official commissioning of the Canaries jetty Monday, Mr. Finisterre is viewing this initiative as a stepping stone for touristic development for the Canaries region.

“This is so, because parallel with the jetty construction, last year the government of St. Lucia, through the Ministry of Communications Works Transport and Public Utilities. expended in the region of three hundred and sixty thousand dollars to reopen the valley road permitting access to the valley road and the abundant wild life and other heritage tourism attractions which lie there” the Hon. Finisterre said.

Parliamentary Representative for Canaries, Honourable Cyprian Lansiquot lamented the plight of the Canaries people for having to wait such a long time for a new Jetty. He added however, that the success of this jetty to be realised, its objective will be measured by the care and attention this facility is given in the months and years to come.

According to Minister Lansiquot, this initiative will provide opportunities for the young people in the village to engage in profitable ventures such as tour guiding, arts and craft and various forms of entertainment.


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