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Men's Resource Centre Is Coming

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Contact: Rose Marie Harris

Tuesday, June 18, 2002 - Plans for the establishment of a Men’s Resource Centre are taking shape. Director of Gender Relations Lera Pascal says towards this end her department is hosting a major consultation next week (Thursday June 27, 2002) on how best to formulate plans for the establishment of the centre.

“We want to establish a Men’s Resource Centre where men can go to get advice, to speak to other men, to get counselling and other such assistance which they need from time to time. The purpose of the consultation is to have a meeting of minds, so that we can discuss (the idea) and hopefully come up with recommendations as to way forward for the establishment of the Resource Centre,” Pascal explained.

During the working sessions of the one-day consultation, sociologist Honourable Damian Greaves will speak on the topic “Men and Gender Relations: Where Are We Today?” Also, there will be a presentation by Mr. Michael White, author of the book “Absent Fathers” on “The Social and Economic Significance of Men’s Participation in Society”. A third presentation entitled “Integrated and Gender Focussed Approach to Empowerment” will be made by Sociologist Dr. Tennyson Joseph.

Leading up to next week’s consultation the Division of Gender Relations has arranged a series on televised discussions on the issues, to be aired on the local television stations through the Government Information Service. The programmes will begin airing this week. Some of the topics to be covered include Parental Responsibility and Accountability, and Men and Gender Relations – Where Are We Today?

Pascal says there is an urgent need to pay greater attention to the many issues confronting men and the development of the Men’s Resource Centre is another step in that direction. The Centre is expected to come on stream within the next year and a half.

The moves toward the establishment of the Men’s Resource Centre are coming just months after the Division of Gender Relations opened up a Women’s Support Centre in September 2001 for female victims of domestic violence and their children.


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