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Mass 2002 to Kick-Off in May

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Contact: John Emmanuel

Monday, May 13, 2002 - With the 2002 St. Lucia Jazz Festival culminating on the weekend, representatives of the Cultural Development Foundation (CDF) say they are well underway in finalizing preparations for ‘Mass 2002’. The official press launch will take place on May 22, 2002 at the Wyndham Morgan Bay Hotel, while the official launch and opening of carnival is carded for June 2nd2002.

According to Teddy Francis, Executive Director of the CDF, “at that event we will be having special features like the costumes being modelled, not just the sketches but the bands modeling their costumes which represents a major shift. We will also have the first appearance of the Carnival Queen contestants from around the island and would also see be the first major appearance before a big crowd for the calypsonians who would have started their tents a few weeks earlier.”

Francis says “a St. Lucian who has made it big by the name of Jani Williams over in Trinidad and Tobago will also be featured as a special guest artiste. We need to stress that we do have six new events, a number of them of a regional nature and one big local one which is inter-commercial house calypso, which has the business community quite, excited.” He says already five new bands have registered for the ‘Parade of The Bands’, which is anticipated to be the grandest of parades to date.

Much mileage Francis says was made by the CDF in piggybacking on the just concluded Jazz Festival. “We used Jazz on the Square to release officially our four-page brochure on Carnival which went down very well. The Tourist Board had also organized a very important press conference specifically to discuss carnival and this was very well attended by foreign journalists who were on island to cover the Jazz festival. We thought this was a very valuable opportunity to sell St. Lucia’s Carnival to those journalists who had many enquires and we at the CDF were very happy to answer their questions. We continued through the weekend with the major events for Jazz and with the sale of our t-shirts and distribution of flyers. These activities were also backed up by the fact that throughout every major event the masters of ceremonies were constantly reminding the audiences of the up coming carnival festivities.”

Francis says more details on the press launch will be released as the country inches closer to the start of ‘Mass 2002’.


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