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Mabouya 2002 Summer Programme

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Contact: Ina Joseph

Tuesday, July 02, 2002 - Young persons in the Mabouya Valley and surrounding areas will be kept busy this summer. That’s when the Mabouya Valley Development Project’s Annual Summer Festival kicks off next week at the Fond d’Or Nature Heritage Tourism Site.

Chairperson of the Festival and teacher at the Au Leon Combined School, Joyce Ford, explains that the festival places emphasis on enhancing the creativity of the young people.

“Originally there was this December 13th activity that was planned for Fond d’Or where we tried to take the creative persons in the basin and try to put them together for some cultural activity. For the previous one we had students along with adults in the district and you find this came out to be very packed. So we decided to break off from that and give our youth a chance to be on their own instead of putting them up with the adults. And for this reason now we have the Summer School Festival which is normally held every summer time running through July. This year our theme is ‘Creative Youth for a Positive Tomorrow.’ The reason why we chose this theme is that we know that our youth today are in crisis. So we are trying to foster and encourage our youth in the valley to display and portray the positive aspects of their talents, what they can do, because the Valley is very rich in cultural heritage and our youth have a lot to offer.”

According to Ford, over the years there has been marked improvement in the young people who attend the annual summer festival as it has provided an avenue for students in the Mabouya Valley to concentrate their energies on meaningful and productive activities.

A total of six (6) primary schools in the Mabouya Valley basin will be involved in the festival. The organisers have extended invitations to other primary schools in the neighbouring Education Districts of 4 and 5 to be guests during the festival.


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