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Local Children's Organizations Seek Better Rights for the Child

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Contact: Primus J. Hutchinson

Thursday, July 18, 2002 – “The Global Movement for Children” a collection of people and organizations around the world dedicated to promoting the rights of the child, was the focus of a press briefing, held Thursday July 18, 2002, at the Bay Gardens Hotel. The press conference was organized by the Early Childhood Education Unit of the Ministry of Education in collaboration with the department of Human Services and UNICEF.

The Global Movement for Children, a UNICEF initiative is in intended to influence changes throughout the world to protect the rights and secure the lasting betterment of children’s lives. Communications Officer attached to the UNICEF Caribbean office, Lisa Trotman says the movement is geared towards involving organizations, parents, teachers and professionals to work with children in effecting those changes. According to Trotman, “we must not only plan for the children but must also involve them in the implementation process.” The theme for the Global Movement centres on changing the world with children.

Director of Human Services in the Ministry Health, Philicia Robertson, reiterated that investing in the world’s children involves much more than just financial investment.

“ And we speak about investment, very often we just talk about money, but we recognise that there is a lot more that needs to be done in terms of the investment. We need to invest our time, we need to invest our interest, we need to invest in proper and adequate parenting. So there are varied amount of actions that we call upon our St. Lucian community to invest to make a different for our children,” Mrs Robertson said..

The Director of Human Services indicated that the intention is to endeavour to stimulate an inclusive and solution driven dialogue among all actors and to mobilise support for and promote the achievements of children in St. Lucia. Mrs Robertson stated that local children organisations are also hoping to urge government to establish policies and resources to ensure that children issues are central to their priority agenda.


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